One of the most common, which is excellent in homes, offices, cars, hospitals or even kindergartens, is the disposable hand fire extinguisher "Pozsarnij 101", (own brand) «POZSARNIJ 101- CAPSULES 112». This device is actually a capsule that contains 720ml of liquid and can be used in an instant by not only an adult but also a child, elderly person or even a disabled person. It comes with a wall-mounted bracket and it's easily removable when we need it and does not require annual maintenance. It can be used in an area of up to 6 cubic meters, all you need is a well-aimed throw over the fire on a harder surface for the capsule to break and the material inside to start extinguishing the fire. This process creates a cooling effect on the surface in 10-15 seconds and displaces oxygen at the combustion site so the fire goes out, creating a thin film on the burned surface and thus preventing self-ignition. One of the best features of using this device is that it does not damage and destroy materials and objects in the vicinity of the fire, not like a fire extinguisher, so there is no need to buy a new one, just wash it.


Capsule Specifications:


weight: 925 g (+/- 10 g)

capacity: 720 ml, cm3 (+/- 10 g)

Housing type: Trauma-safe plastic

Storage / use temperature range: -15 ... + 60C


Areas of application: