This product isn’t really that far from the throwable capsule, as it can be very useful to anyone in the household. This product is for extinguishing kitchen fire extinguishers, burning fats and oils «CHS-101» (own brand). At just 120ml, it is designed to quickly extinguish burning fats and oils under production and domestic conditions. It can extinguish up to 4 liters of burning oil or grease. Environmentally friendly, not limited to use in the presence of people. It is very easy to use as you only need to throw it into a container containing burnt fat or oil. Under the influence of temperature, the packaging of ChS-101 is destroyed, the liquid reacts, displaces oxygen, and lowers the temperature. After inoculation, containers in which burning / extinguishing has taken place can be easily washed with water.


Kitchen capsule specifications:


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